Yoda & Boba

Introducing two beautiful staffies!

Tell us a bit about Yoda & Boba; ages, personality… Yoda is 5 years old and is the mother of Boba. Yoda is sweet, obedient and the leader of the two dogs. She definitely doesn’t take any nonsense from her pup. She is playful, energetic and super loving to her entire family. Boba is also very sweet and a great cuddler. However, he is very bullheaded and devious. His #1 goal in life is to get into the garbage. Even though he knows hes not supposed to, he does it anyway. Any food that is left out anywhere he can reach is fair game, so we always have to be careful. He has been known to snatch a snack out of one of my kids hands if they are not looking!

Tell us a funny story about Yoda & Boba… Yoda is a bit of a gassy staffy. If she farts and you make any sound of disgust, she will get embarrassed and slink away. Both of our dogs are completely head over heels in love with my mother. When boba wants your attention, he will gently tug you sleeve or pant leg with his mouth. Well he did that to my mom and ended up pulling her pants down!

What do you love most about Yoda & Boba? They both have different personalities, but I just love the amount of affection they give and want to receive from all of us. They are wonderful with my 3 children and always at their side. They can play as hard and as long as you want them to, but can also be calm and snuggle at night.

What is Yoda & Boba’s favourity toy? Toys don’t last long around our house. But Yoda loves a ball of any kind. Boba loves whatever it is that Yoda has.

Where does Yoda & Boba sleep? Most of us staffy owners already know the answer to this one! They both switch between the couch and their doggy bed.

Any good advice you would offer someone who’s thinking of getting a staffy? Find a good reputable breeder and get to know them and their dogs. Always be firm when training them and be assertive and do not let them feel they have the upper hand. Its important to maintain a hierarchy in your pack. Yoda is an alpha dog, while Boba is a beta. Small mistakes such as feeding Boba first or giving him more attention has caused a bit of an upset to that balance and she has lashed out at him. As soon as we changed our behavior and recognized that hierarchy, everything has been wonderful again.

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