This is what happens to a normal frisbee when you're a staffy!

The other day I was walking my staffy Bella in the local park and she dropped her ball in the river and we couldn’t find it – Bella really needs something in her mouth to keep her mind occupied on a walk, so I popped into the new pet shop that had recently opened in town and bought some new balls (sadly just the tennis ball types) and a frisbee, as I thought it would be good to try something new! The balls lasted less than 2 seconds each, so finally I tried the frisbee… she loved it, but despite it being a frisbee made for dogs, it certainly wasn’t made for staffies! This is what the frisbee looked like after just 10 minutes: (yes the stains are blood stains from her tongue!)

So now the hunt is on for the perfect staffy frisbee… I have read the reviews for the one made by Kong and it appears to have mixed reviews, and it appears that Kong have changed their frisbee slightly recently, with the newer version being much less robust – please let me know if you know of any other doggy frisbees that work with our lovely staffies! Email me at