The Staffy Puppy Guide…

Staffy pups are both wonderful and terrible…the funny thing is, you soon forget about the puppy period, which is a good thing as otherwise you wouldn’t ever get another one!

From the “crocodile” teeth which nibble you, your furniture, your shoes and clothing, your main priority is keeping your puppy contained safely. We got our first staffy Ted in 2001 and in those days. crate training was not that common. Which was a shame as Ted managed to eat through a brick wall, a very valuable handbag (that wasn’t mine), plenty of toys, books, the list is endless. I can’t believe we did this at the time, but we had decided that we would get a kitten at the same time as the pup, so that our staffy would be cat friendly, and we literally did just that, within a day of each other both new arrivals quickly felt at home.

We did plenty wrong and lots right, quite by accident. The internet wasn’t like it is now, and you had to read books instead of quickly looking up something quickly online. The best thing we did was get our kitten; who was 12 weeks old, to Ted’s 6 weeks. (Yes, we know now that 8 weeks is the minimum age for puppies to leave home). They were both the same size and had identical blue baskets, and they were always best friends, right til the end.

What we did right: We took the puppy everywhere, on trains, buses, car trips, restaurants, literally everywhere. This got our pup very socialised, and he was loved everywhere he went. We took him to puppy school and did both the beginner and intermediate courses.

What we did wrong: We should have crate trained him – it would have spared tons of cash and repair work! We also used newspaper instead of using Puppy pads, (I’m not sure if they were around in his day), which would have saved our carpets. You can now get some great stuff to squirt on any wee stains, and it helps break it all down, so that the smell is broken down and deters the dog from weeing in the same spot again.

I have found that the best thing to keep your puppy entertained is another dog. By the time we got our second staffy Bella, Ted was 5 years old. Instead of chewing our furniture, Bella chewed on Ted. and he loved it. They shared beautifully, and would never fight over anything, even something really delicious.

Below are some dog crates that will keep your staffy baby safe:

And here are some other helpful products I wish I’d had when Ted was a pup:

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