Introducing the lovely Tara; who pulls at our heartstrings; she sounds like she was a really gorgeous staffy!

Tell us a bit about Tara; age, personality… Tara was brought into our lives in 1987. She was a dark brindle with the tolerant and easy going nature of all Staffies. Loved by friends and family alike she was like my shadow for her 12 years of life among us.

Tell us a funny story about Tara… Tara was a really gentle natured dog. Never growled at anyone… well, not usually. However, she had a thing about priests and nuns. The sight of them would cause a whine which if they tried to go near her would become a grumble.

What do you love most about Tara? She was loyal and faithful to the end. Even when she was dying of cancer she struggled to walk with our other dog, Spock.

What is Tara’s favourity toy?  She wasn’t one for toys she enjoyed people. Playing with them that is.

What’s Tara’s favourite dog food? Tripe

Where does Tara sleep? Most of us staffy owners already know the answer to this one! In her bed. Well, my bed but she thought it was hers.

Any good advice you would offer someone who’s thinking of getting a staffy? Give the dog as much of your time as you can and as much attention as possible.

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