Stop Pull Harness Review

My mother in law went to Pets at Home the other day, and bought the “Stop Pull” Harness from Pets at Home for her staffy Blue – it worked like a charm – costing £17.99 or so, we thought that was a pretty good price, and so I went and bought one for my Bella… as it was so good, I thought I would add it to the Staffy Pet Shop, but the Stop Pull Harness was sold under the Pets at Home brand, so I didn’t think it was possible to sell it on our site. It was only when I was checking out if Amazon sold it that I found the identical harness for nearly half the price!  Here is the one sold at Pets at Home visit

It is identical to the one I bought from Pets at Home! I would suggest a medium size for most staffies – the harness looks tiny, but we got medium sizes for both dogs, and both fit well.

As soon as my Bella wore the harness, she stopped pulling, and it fits so comfortably too – which was a relief to my mother in law’s staffy, who has very thin skin under his armpits, so she was worrying that it would chafe!  Now thanks to this great harness, she can walk him around easily by herself, which given that he is a very forceful 4 year old, was before quite a chore!

I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone with a dog that pulls.