Introducing Rubble!

Tell us a bit about Rubble, age, personality… Rubble is 10 weeks old and is new to our home . He is already showing signs of being a loving friendly dog . He is the newest addition to our already large family so will never be short of cuddles as everyone already loves him

Tell us a funny story about Rubble… His little legs can’t go fast enough as he runs around the garden chasing his ball . I’m sure there will be plenty of funny stories over the years .

What do you love most about Rubble? Absolutely everything. We have always wanted a staffy after having been brought up around them and now our family is complete it’s a great time to add him to the family .

What is Rubble’s favourity toy? Of all his toys it seems that his favourite happens to be An empty plastic bottle of juice !

What’s Rubble’s favourite dog food?   Bakers puppy food

Where does Rubble sleep? Most of us staffy owners already know the answer to this one! In his bed with an old cot blanket or on my shoulder.

Any good advice you would offer someone who’s thinking of getting a staffy? Rubble is very demanding and lively he loves cuddles , playing and we often find him trying to climb the stairs ! He is too young to be taken out yet but loves to run around our big back garden . Perfect pet for an active family .

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