Introducing Rosa the Staffy!

Tell us a bit about Rosa, age, personality… She is a greedy little piglet who loves all people and dogs and is very offended if anyone goes past without giving her a fuss or a sniff!
We adopted her 2 years ago when she was about 1 and we don’t know how anyone could have dumped her, all she wants is cuddles, walks and playtime.
She is so caring and gets very upset when she hears children crying.

Tell us a funny story about Rosa… Whoever said staffies don’t swim?! She loves following our large crossbreed into the river on a warm day for a paddle but one day after a particularly heavy rainstorm she ploughed in after him forgetting that his legs are taller than her whole body, I panicked when I realised how deep it was but she swam and swam with the biggest smile on her face and only came out with the promise of cheese.

What do you love most about Rosa? Her loving and caring nature. I am so proud that people who don’t know the breed and believe the myths have their whole belief system changed after a few minutes in her company.

What is Rosa’s favourity toy? Balls that last about 5 seconds and a good rope for tug of war with our other dog.

What’s Rosa’s favourite dog food?  Raw all the way, plus she loves fruit and veg, she’s a healthy girl but she would eat anything if we let her as she’s greedy.

Where does Rosa sleep? Most of us staffy owners already know the answer to this one! Funnily enough although she has the choice of where to go she doesn’t stay on human beds for long as in the morning she’s always with our other dog on the sofa, he is miserable and rarely cuddles at night and she likes to keep him company. Not sure how he feels about that but he has no choice!

Any good advice you would offer someone who’s thinking of getting a staffy?  Please RESCUE, we are in the midst of a staffy crisis yet people who say they care about the breed are still selling/buying puppies while thousands of beautiful dogs are pts.
Don’t leave them alone for long, make them a part of your family, love them and show them humans are kind and you will be rewarded with love and devotion that cannot be described. Oh and for young staffies LOTS of exercise!

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