Read this if your staffy has Arthritis or Stiff Legs!

The perfect remedy for Anxious Staffies!

Our old boy Ted (who sadly isn't with us anymore) was our first staffy to get really bad Arthritis.  It came one really quickly, and we took him to the vet and was told that he would have to be on Metacam for the rest of his life, and that Metacam had some rather nasty side effects.

We weren't really that keen on that idea, so we started chatting to lots of other dog owners whilst out and about, and one dog owner who had a very old dog with him told us about the benefits of liquid glucosamine especially when with chondroitin.  He told us that we needed to get the liquid form, and to double dose for the first 2 weeks to get quick benefit. We went home and found a product that isn't available in the UK anymore, called Flexicose, and did as instructed. Within 2 weeks Ted could jump on the sofa again, which previously he couldn't have managed. He was like a new dog. Needless to say, we never put him on Metacam.

He was only 9 when he started taking this liquid complex, and Arthritis was never again a major problem for him, he died aged nearly 13 from a heart condition.

We still have our ageing Bella, who is now 11, and until this last year, was still highly energetic and bouncing off walls like a puppy! Again, we noticed she was slowing down and walking a bit slowly and stiffly. So we straight away looked for Flexicose and sadly discovered they had stopped selling it in the UK. We found the closest product that we could find - this is a product called Flexwise, which we ordered, and decided to again double dose at the start (I don't think it tells you to do this on the bottle, note - I'm not telling you to do this, but this is what we did).  Within a week she was walking much better, and she had a definite spring in her step, which hadn't been there prior.

Flexwize for Pets includes the top 3 joint health supplements, pharmaceutical quality glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM and I can hand on heart say that it makes a real difference for dogs who have Arthritis or stiff joints. So if your Staffy is showing signs of being stiff legged, or in discomfort when moving, give this a go before you go down the drug routes dispensed by vets!