Prince and Poppy

Introducing Prince & Poppy!

Tell us a bit about Prince & Poppy, age, personality… Poppy is crossbreed with a staffy. She is 7 although she thinks she’s still a puppy , she has so much energy , she is extremely obedient apart from at night when she is on the prowl for foxes ! She is friendly and playful with most dogs unless of course they are not so friendly and playful then she turns terrier with a capital T !!! She loves kisses and just loves people. Poppy has loads of ideosyncracies that make her Poppy.
Wee Prince is a wee red staffy who is a new edition to the family at the ripe old age of 14 weeks. He came to us at 6 weeks old and already we feel like he’s been here forever. Like all puppy’s he very cute until he gets a hold of your fingers with his teeth !! He’s already thinks every teddy in the house is for mating with lol.
He’s a wee boisterous little boy who doesn’t give poppy a minutes piece. He’s also wee sook who just loves cuddles and kisses and loves meeting new people up and the canal.

Tell us a funny story about Prince & Poppy… So we live in a house on a canal were Poppy has a not so friendly rivalry with the local swans , she would enjoy tormenting them for a long time by running up to the water and being very vocal by barking away at them and loving it by thinking she was the boss notice how I write “was” ……. There was a dramatic power shift on the canal because the big male swan finally had enough and sent Poppy packing to the vet with a sore eye. Let’s just say there is peace packed on the canal now !!

What do you love most about Prince & Poppy?  I think all I’m about to say comes under the same umbrella .. their innocence , their unconditional love , they just want to be loved , they love playing and they are uncomplicated unlike humans lol

What is Prince & Poppy’s favourity toy? Well Poppy’s is without a doubt tennis balls !!!! She is obsessed with them. Prince’s favourite toy is whatever one is Poppy’s mouth !!!

What’s Prince & Poppy’s favourite dog food? Poppy is fussy they are both on burns dried dog food and they love chicken but Prince would eat just about th anything as he is a little grubber !!!

Where does Prince & Poppy sleep? Most of us staffy owners already know the answer to this one!  In my bed on my pillow of course

Any good advice you would offer someone who’s thinking of getting a staffy?  I would say do your research learn The history of the breed. learn about particularly if you have any other dogs in the home. learn how to integrate it into the pack.

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