Playing Fetch with Staffies!

My Bella is a red smut staffy aged 7 (nearly 8). And until I discovered ball throwing with her, she always appeared very nervous of other dogs, particularly big ones – she had a few bad experiences as a pup, and we assumed that she would always be that way…until we discovered her mad passion for fetch!

When she is playing fetch other dogs can come up to Bella, sniff her, even try and mount her, and she is completely oblivious! Is this usual? She has such a high prey drive that she just gets obsessed. But she is so nice with it, even if another dog grabs her ball before she gets there, she doesn’t care (as long as we get the ball off the other dog for her)!

So it has been my mission to find the best ball possible for this exercise. A tennis ball will last one session, and the “doggy” tennis balls last exactly one second and then it’s “Pop”!

Then I tried the really hard rubber balls which are awesome but so hard that I worried they would knock her teeth out! Then I tried the Air Kong squeak balls, and they were better than tennis balls, but still only lasted a couple of sessions. So then I tried the small Kong ball and this seems to work brilliantly. It fits in the ball thrower and isn’t too hard so as to cause dental damage!

I am now going to try the Kong Sport 3 pack – and will update this post when I have had a good go with them!

UPDATE: Have used the Kong Sport balls – whilst better than tennis balls which last less than 3 seconds, they are still not really what I would call staffy proof! Each ball lasted for 1 walk.