Introducing Madge!

Tell us a bit about Madge; age, personality… Madge is a 11 year old Staffy ,
She still looks like a puppy , and we always get asked how old she is but unfortunately she is going grey in place and arthritis is slowing setting in .
Trying to get her to take glucosomine tablets or paste is impossible .
She’s very loving but hates other dogs apart from pugs.
She loves people.
She loves sleeping in the bed, no matter how hot the weather is she has to be under the covers.

Tell us a funny story about Madge…Well on a walk in the Yorkshire Country side, Madge found the biggest, wettest cow pat and yes you’ve guessed it, she rolled and rolled in the cow pat under she was totally covered in cow muck.
It was dripping off her and we were a good few miles from home!

What do you love most about Madge? Her staffy kisses and the way she places her paws on my shoulders to give me a staffy cuddle

What is Madge’s favourity toy? She’s not fussy , anything she can pull the stuffing out of.
She loves socks and tea towels too!

What’s Madge’s favourite dog food?  Bakers

Where does Madge sleep? Most of us staffy owners already know the answer to this one!  Our bed

Any good advice you would offer someone who’s thinking of getting a staffy?   Well in my opinion they need lots more loving then other breeds.
So if you are not prepared to let your staffy sit and have cuddles days, by this I mean all night. They do love being next to their Humans constantly well a staffy isn’t for you.


NOTE FROM US: Madge should try Flexicose; we’ve used it for our staffies for nearly a decade now, and the results are staggering. I think it also tastes nice because we just put (the liquid) on top of their dinner and they love it!  This is the one we use:

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