Introducing a very special Staffy…Lola!

Tell us a bit about Lola’s age, personality… I have recently rehomed a 8mnth old staffy girl. She is very special because she has only got 3 legs. She had her right back leg amputated when she was young due to it being caught in a door. When I had her she was very timid and unsure and under weight. She is now a very active fun loving little girl. She loves cuddles.. eats 3 times a day. Loves playing with her new brothers…love her loads!

Tell us a funny story about Lola … She is a very little cheeky girl ..she loves pinching my socks and running away ..she loves play biting her jack Russell brother and barks at him

What do you love most about Lola? Being a special 3 legged staffy

What is Lola’s favourity toy?Socks

What’s Lola’s favourite dog food?Pal puppy food

Where does Lola sleep? Most of us staffy owners already know the answer to this one! On my bed

Any good advice you would offer someone who’s thinking of getting a staffy? Staffy are a loving breed of dog who need lots of love and they give it back. They have personality and funny.

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