Dog Training – do you have a naughty staffy?!

When we first got our Ted (the one shown in the pic) we were complete novices to the breed…I had previously had dogs as a child, but my husband had never had one. But as my husband had always wanted a dog, he was the perfect dog owner and did tons of research so he had a much better idea than me on what ownership of a staffy was all about. He bought all the books he could find (many of them are available in our books section on this site!)  We did puppy classes and went on to the Intermediate stage for dog obedience training – and the funny thing was Ted was a perfect student in class, but out of school he was a terror! He certainly didn’t walk well on a lead, yet in doggy classes he was the best one there! He even managed a timed “Down Stay” with over 20 other dogs while all of us went outside the room – yet should he meet one of the dogs out of class he would try and fight them!

Ted was such a hard dog to walk near other dogs that we would cross the road if we saw another dog approach, and he was never allowed off the lead. Then one day when we were eating out in a local restaurant, we started chatting to a chap who was an ex police dog handler. He said he could teach Ted a thing or two and we duly booked him in to come round and sort our Ted out!  The results were terrific – but not sure on whether the methods were the best – he basically made Ted realise that he wasn’t the boss, and from that moment on, Ted was pretty much a model dog – although we never let our guard down, but he could now walk past other dogs and he wasn’t pulling on the lead etc.

We certainly learnt a lot about having staffies through Ted. By the time we got our Bella (our red Staffy) we knew much more on what to expect, and we never had the same issues with our girl dog that we had with Ted (perhaps it’s mainly a boy dog thing?)

I have just found this great Dog Training website – had I found this years ago would have been an awful help! Visit the website here for some great Dog Training Help