Do you have a Staffy story to tell? Advice, Tips etc?

If so, we would love to include it in our blog! Simply email to and if possible add a photo or two to accompany it!

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Playing Fetch with Staffies!

My Bella is a red smut staffy aged 7 (nearly 8). And until I discovered ball throwing with her, she always appeared very nervous of other dogs, particularly big ones – she had a few bad experiences as a pup, and we assumed that she would always be that way…until we discovered her mad passion…

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Welcome to the Staffy Pet Shop

It is only fitting that my first blog post should be all about my much adored staffies – Ted is my first love, a brindle boy who has sadly moved on to Rainbow bridge at the age of 13 (he is the lovely staffy shown on the home page) and his little sister Bella who…

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