Introducing Casper – latest in our Staffy Tales section!


Your Staffy’s Name:
Tell us a bit about your staffy; age, personality…:
Casper is a rescue dog who came to us at 5 weeks old, we fed him every two hours until he could eat solids properly.
He’s the world’s best to us, staffs are just the best all round breed, funny, loyal, and just so cuddle bugs.
Tell us a funny story about your staffy…:
Casper hates cucumber, my mum who’s 72 was out with me for lunch when a lady on the table opposite ordered a salad.  The waitress brought it over to her and dropped a piece of cucumber off the plate, out of nowhere Casper leapt to her defence and pushed the waitress to one side, then would not let her up until said cucumber had been removed.
What do you love most about your staffy?:
He’s just our best friend,he makes it worth getting up each day.
What is your staffy’s favourity toy?:
Tennis ball
Where does your staffy sleep? Most of us staffy owners already know the answer to this one!:
On our bed, we sleep on the edge
Any good advice you would offer someone who’s thinking of getting a staffy?:
You get out what you put in, good training, good walks, plenty of play