Tell us a bit about your staffy; age, personality…

Bella is a beautiful red smut (quite unusual) staffy. She is nearly 10 and we have had her since she was 12 weeks old. She started off as quite a naughty puppy, but has matured into a really great girl. We now have a little Shih tzu boy called Obi, and she has been brilliant with him, even though she ignored him for the first month! Now he can do anything to her and she just takes it all in good fun.

She is great with our 2 kids but is a real mummy’s girl, and loves nothing more than being cuddled up on my lap. She is definitely more of a lapdog than our shih tzu!

Tell us a funny story about your staffy…:

There are too many… like the huge number of times Bella would take herself off for a nice walk in the field opposite our house, or would follow the postman down the lane. He would walk her back home and ring the door bell so that we could let her in. Such a terror! She used to be really submissive to other dogs, even tiny ones, and as soon as she saw a dog approach would instantly lie down on her back. Then one day, a little yorkshire terrier bit her on the bum as she lay there, so she got up and knocked it over! Since then she hasn’t bothered to lie down any more – it’s as if she thought “well that approach didn’t work!”

What do you love most about your staffy?

I love her constant affection and beautiful nature. She is always close by.

What is your staffy’s favourity toy?

Her ball! She is ball obsessed!

What’s your staffy favourite dog food?

Arden Grange – it’s brilliant.

Where does your staffy sleep? Most of us staffy owners already know the answer to this one!

In the bed with us of course! She keeps me nice and warm.

Any good advice you would offer someone who’s thinking of getting a staffy?

Check out the breeders as much as possible – my mother in law didn’t do this and fell in love with some puppies that had been created on a whim, and neither parent (who were both owned by the same person) were ideal; my mother in law took one of the puppies home and only much later on (a couple of years on) discovered that the parents of her puppy had been put down as they were a bit dodgey around children and other dogs and this nerviness shows through in her puppy.

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