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Read this if your staffy has Arthritis or Stiff Legs!

Our old boy Ted (who sadly isn’t with us anymore) was our first staffy to get really bad Arthritis.  It came one really quickly, and we took him to the vet and was told that he would have to be on Metacam for the rest of his life, and that Metacam had some rather nasty…

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For Nervous Staffies

My mother in law’s Staffy Blue has a nervous disposition…oddly he can withstand thunderstorms, fireworks etc, but rattle a bag near him and he jumps a mile! He is also extremely nervous of other dogs, which sometimes causes him to come across as looking aggressive – he tries hard to stop the dogs coming near…

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Keeping your Staffy Cool in the Summer

Anyone with a staffy knows that when the sun’s out, their Staffy likes to be right out there sunbathing – but even so, it’s worth having a read of the below post, which I have borrowed from the PDSA’s website. You can read the full article (link at the bottom), but I’ve condensed it because…

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Dogs and Fireworks: Dealing with Anxiety

We’re aware that as November fast approaches so too does firework season. As responsible dog owners we’re all looking for ways to keep our wonderful staffies relaxed and as calm as possible. Whilst some of us may be lucky and our dogs don’t react to the large bangs outside many of us have to deal…

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Introducing Casper – latest in our Staffy Tales section!   Your Staffy’s Name: Casper Tell us a bit about your staffy; age, personality…: Casper is a rescue dog who came to us at 5 weeks old, we fed him every two hours until he could eat solids properly. He’s the world’s best to us, staffs…

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Introducing Tye – He sounds lovely! And a really fab ‘Staffy Tale’! Tell us a bit about Tye’s age, personality… Tye is a little over 6 years old and we have just adopted him from a charity in Scotland where he was in foster care for nearly a yr following his owner having to give…

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Introducing a very special Staffy…Lola! Tell us a bit about Lola’s age, personality… I have recently rehomed a 8mnth old staffy girl. She is very special because she has only got 3 legs. She had her right back leg amputated when she was young due to it being caught in a door. When I had…

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Yoda & Boba

Introducing two beautiful staffies! Tell us a bit about Yoda & Boba; ages, personality… Yoda is 5 years old and is the mother of Boba. Yoda is sweet, obedient and the leader of the two dogs. She definitely doesn’t take any nonsense from her pup. She is playful, energetic and super loving to her entire…

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Introducing the lovely Tara; who pulls at our heartstrings; she sounds like she was a really gorgeous staffy! Tell us a bit about Tara; age, personality… Tara was brought into our lives in 1987. She was a dark brindle with the tolerant and easy going nature of all Staffies. Loved by friends and family alike…

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Introducing lovely Kane!  If you would like your staffy to appear in our “Staffy Tales” please visit this page. Tell us a bit about Kane; age, personality… Kane is almost 1 years old! He is a loving boy who loves meeting new people and dogs. He is a bit goofy at times. He loves his…

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Prince and Poppy

Introducing Prince & Poppy! Tell us a bit about Prince & Poppy, age, personality… Poppy is crossbreed with a staffy. She is 7 although she thinks she’s still a puppy , she has so much energy , she is extremely obedient apart from at night when she is on the prowl for foxes ! She…

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Introducing Narla! Tell us a bit about Narla’s age, personality… Narla is a 2 year old staffy who is very mischievous and adores our 2 children a 1 year old and a 4 year old. She has a lovely companion named lilly who is a patterdale terrier who is now 5 years old. Unfortunately Narla…

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This is a very special Staffy Tale; introducing Soul… Tell us a bit about Soul’s age, personality… My Staffie is Soul. He is now getting onto 5 years old, and he was rescued by my best friend and roommate in Angel, Islington from outside a pub four years ago. My friend brought him home and…

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Introducing Rosa the Staffy! Tell us a bit about Rosa, age, personality… She is a greedy little piglet who loves all people and dogs and is very offended if anyone goes past without giving her a fuss or a sniff! We adopted her 2 years ago when she was about 1 and we don’t know…

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