For Nervous Staffies

My mother in law’s dog Blue has a nervous disposition…oddly he can withstand thunderstorms, fireworks etc, but rattle a bag near him and he jumps a mile!

He is also extremely nervous of other dogs, which sometimes causes him to come across as looking aggressive – as he tries hard to stop the dogs coming near him! Then one day in the park, my mother in law Linda met a lady with a staffy who was wearing a thundershirt and asked her about it. The lady explained that her dog was a rescue who was very nervous when out on a walk, and the thundershirt helped her dog immensely… this got Linda thinking about how one would help Blue.

She then bought a thundershirt and straight away tried it on Blue. Immediately, she could tell the shirt had a calming influence on him. When he wears the shirt out on a walk, he walks much more confidently, which helps keep other dogs from being too boisterous and “in his face”.  Thundershirts can be likened to babies being swaddled – the close fitting outfit makes the dog feel more secure.

I also read this amazing review that a dog owner had left on Amazon, which I thought was amazing:

“I have a large male staffy who is terrified of bangs, thunder, fireworks, excitable with strangers and I had brought the plug ins but nothing helped him. Then I brought him a thunder shirt and have never been so happy with a purchase in my life!! The first try was when my dad popped round he is just excitable for a minute or so but with I put the shirt on anyway and he instantly became calm he still greeted my dad in a lovely sloppy way but all on ground level with no jumping. Tonight we have had fireworks – someone even set them off at 4.30pm on our evening walk, he didn’t like this one bit but I got him home and on went the shirt. He had a minute or so of considering being anxious but now he is fast asleep, I have a film of him last year – he pants until he passes out and a film of him tonight snoring like an old man. I literally cannot praise this product enough – I love it so much I felt compelled to actually do this review . I’ve never written one before as never felt that satisfied!!”

You can purchase a thundershirt and other products that help nervous dogs here

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