Stop Pull Harness Review

My mother in law went to Pets at Home the other day, and bought the “Stop Pull” Harness from Pets at Home for her staffy Blue – it worked like a charm – costing £17.99 or so, we thought that was a pretty good price, and so I went and bought one for my Bella……

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Bella has a great new ball!

Bella has been using a Kong ball (the really tough ones) for her ball throwing, and whilst it is a great ball, it’s really heavy – and I wanted to find her one that was a bit softer – so thought I would try her out on the Orka ball – which to the touch…

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Dog Training – do you have a naughty staffy?!

When we first got our Ted (the one shown in the pic) we were complete novices to the breed…I had previously had dogs as a child, but my husband had never had one. But as my husband had always wanted a dog, he was the perfect dog owner and did tons of research so he…

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Teddy the Staffy meets The Queen!

We were sent this wonderful bit of Staffy News from Sonia, owner of Teddy. a lovely staffy who had the pleasure of meeting the Queen! She wrote: “My Staffie is a rescue from Battersea Dogs Home, he was recently chosen to go back to the opening of The New Mary Tealby Kennels & meet the…

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Staffy Berties Mission

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We were contacted by Bertie’s mission – and asked to spread the word… so here goes! “We a small voluntary breed rescue for Staffordshire Bull Terriers and recently a lovely Stafford called Bertie came into our care after his previous rescue failed to give him the love and care he needed, with a little help…

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For Nervous Staffies

My mother in law’s dog Blue has a nervous disposition…oddly he can withstand thunderstorms, fireworks etc, but rattle a bag near him and he jumps a mile! He is also extremely nervous of other dogs, which sometimes causes him to come across as looking aggressive – as he tries hard to stop the dogs coming…

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Playing Fetch with Staffies!

My Bella is a red smut staffy aged 7 (nearly 8). And until I discovered ball throwing with her, she always appeared very nervous of other dogs, particularly big ones – she had a few bad experiences as a pup, and we assumed that she would always be that way…until we discovered her mad passion…

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Welcome to the Staffy Pet Shop

It is only fitting that my first blog post should be all about my much adored staffies – Ted is my first love, a brindle boy who has sadly moved on to Rainbow bridge at the age of 13 (he is the lovely staffy shown on the home page) and his little sister Bella who…

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